The Ritual

This would not be the first time, no, that shipped sailed many years ago, and
yet each time it's the same. Diana turns from the corner when I call and then
does not move. She knows she's earned this spanking. Her actions were
deliberate and designed to get my attention. In her own way both wants and
needs it, but when the moment is here she is frozen to that spot.

This is not the same as our play sessions where she enjoys a good spanking. My
Diana is a huge fan of fantasy stories and loves to role play. Her current
favorite is Arwen to my Aragorn, although I think her choice has more to do with
my being nearly unable to remove that damned dress she wears than any real love
of the character. I've indulged all of her fantasies but one - I put my foot
down at dressing up like Galadriel. It seems she wanted to know what it would be
like to be spanked by a woman. I told her we'd hire one. But that's all in fun.
Games we play where I struggle to keep her in character and keep her from
practically leaping across my lap for her spanking. No, this is not play.

Now I sit here watching her as she stands there with her eyes cast down. I
won't force her. The choice must be hers. It is always her choice. All I can
do try is make those few steps easier to take. I hold my hand out to her and
wonder, as I always wonder, if she will trust me.

It was what she was waiting for and does not hesitate to place her smaller hand
into mine. It's like this every time. It's our ritual.