Carol Of The Brats

In response to the WL Christmas Song Challenge

Hark! How I yell
Oh how I yell
All I can say
Is "I should not pay.
Christmas is here
You're hurting my rear.
Please do not scold.
I can't be consoled."
"This is so wrong"
That is my song
With tearful ring
I am bawling
And then of course
My words of remorse
From ev'rywhere
Filling the air
Oh how he pounds,
On my two mounds
O'er Crest and curve
His hand does not swerve.
Sharply it stings
And my hand flings.
Oh my sore rear
I'm starting to tear.
Owie! Owie! Owie! I'm so sorry!
Owie! Owie!! Owie! I'm so sorry!
On, on he goes
Up on my toes
Will he relent?
I am so spent